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Re: national american miss pageants?

Let me tell you what my daughters have learned by competing in this pageant system. Not to mention the money they have won...largest amount was 2000.00.
~How to write a resume’
~How to interview
~Got her first job she applied to at 16 because of her interview skills
~Has held her job for almost a year because of her people skills
~Works with Special Olympics children, nursing home residents on a regular basis because if you are lucky enough to get to go to Nationals it is required to do 4 hours of community service and realizes how rewarding it is for her to do these things for her community
~Was invited to speak to 6th grade girls with low self esteem and is starting a program to continue doing this on a regular basis
~High School and Middle School has been horrible, the kids are mean, call names and some of the coaches and teachers have been just as bad if not worse! She realizes when doing pageants that she is a normal person and has made friends all across the United States. It really does help her self esteem. I always tell everyone that what an entire school year rips out of my daughter National American Miss returns to her in one weekend of competing and supplies her with enough extra confidence to make it through one more school year.
~She has learned that if you work hard, it pays off
~To never ever give up on something you want, if at first you do not succeed, try, try again! Has helped her with her pole vaulting!
~She passed Speech class with flying colors because we had her enter their optional speech contest
~She is very confident in front of a crowd of people, even on stage with a microphone
~She has traveled to 37 states with a goal of visiting all 50. Both my girls decided one day to set this goal when visiting a friend they had met at Nationals in 2003. We are friends with this family to this day.
~Is helping her with college applications
~Made her more aware of her grades
~Made her aware of what it means to present yourself in a positive light especially on her my space and being a good role model for younger girls
~They have both learned to sew for their sportswear competition, they WANTED to make their own outfits
~They resell their old clothing and pageant attire on ebay to pay for it every year, so it even makes it less expensive and has made them little business owners
~So many life lessons, I could continue on and on, but hopefully you get the picture
My daughters totally love this and it cost way less than other sports such as hockey, all star cheerleading, karate and they stay so busy with this all year volunteering etc. I am proud to say that my senior in High School does not drink or do drugs and I firmly believe that National American Miss Directors and owners are the reason. Steve and Kathleen Mayes are great role models. They are true Christians with the best interest of the girls in mind. They are interested in making girls more confident and successful in life. Many girls go on to work for this company after they age out.
I always tell people that if you were to tell me that my girls would be pageant girls, cheerleaders and pole vaulters, I would have laughed in your face. That was until I found out what National American Miss was all about and went into it with an open mind, just like pole vaulting and even cheerleading.
Google past pageant winners and find out how many very, very successful people were involved with pageants when they were younger

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Re: national american miss pageants?

I did pageants when I was younger, and I did when money, trophies, etc, but a lot was paid out as well. $500+ dresses, travel expences, and dance classes completely wiped away any 'money' that was won.

I quit when I was small, and I made it though high school with straight A's, a full scholarship to Ohio State, and never tried drugs or drank. I credit good parenting, rather than pageants with that.

Has anyone ever seen the beauty pageant show on VH1? Those are some creepy little kids with their fake teeth, and more makeup than a $2 whore. Wow, my kids will never do that, I think it's horrible, and not to mention weird to pile that much makeup on a pre teen. It wasn't like that when I did it. I never wore makeup on stage. The mothers seem to be more eager than their daughters to go to these events, and quite frankly need to be slapped. big_smile

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Re: national american miss pageants?

I've never competed in this one, but I've competed in United States and it was great! If you are looking for some pageant items, please check out my swap gallery. I've got a ton of stuff that has to go! Also, if you have any pageant questions, send me a message.

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