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Nautical themed 21st help

Anyone got any ideas ,it's only two weeks away ,please :oops:

Posted 10 years ago
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Re: Nautical themed 21st help

here's an idea i found for A woman pirate:
(from a website)  Your she-pirate is a first-class wench. Her costume consists of a handkerchief-hem or ragged-edged skirt or a pair of ragged-edged cropped pants, a peasant-style blouse, and a corset or waist cincher that emphasizes her voluptuous bosom. A bandana or scarf for the hair, which should be long and mussed, and boots (with or without a turned-down top cuff) will complete her basic costume.

or if all else fails, you could just swap someone for a business type suit, and go as a cruise director! get a sailor type hat and a nametag!

Posted 10 years ago

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