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<br>UCCA Exhibition "Jincheng" (Liu Xiaodong. Photograph: </br><br> network)</br><br> just started walking, there will be home. UCCA Exhibition "hometown boy", with everyone to take a road of art, closely follow the customary walk from Liu Xiaodong. "This time, I decided to go home". </br><br> new display, showing at the end of the Year blockbuster exhibition </br><br>UCCA has been committed to let the audience more comprehensive and three-dimensional, witness the experience of art, and tries to explain the growth trajectory of an artist, to reflect the changes in the Chinese contemporary society and contemporary art. Today, UCCA and people's livelihood and the livelihood of the people of Museum of Contemporary Art of contemporary art research center jointly brought Liu Xiaodong solo exhibition "hometown boy". </br><br> Liu Xiaodong more than 200 articles diary (photograph: </br><br> network)</br><br> "nostalgia gave Liu Xiaodong another pair of eyes. Wonderful paintings, a diary, a documentary - "hometown boy" the first panoramic perspective on one of the most important contemporary Chinese artists, art history of Liu Xiaodong." UCCA director, curator Jerome Sanz said. </br><br>The </br><br> for the new paintings UCCA hall to create special exhibition "hometown boy" will display 20 pieces of Liu Xiaodong, more than 200 life records, and the documentary Taiwan famous director Hsiao-Hsien <a href="">replica designer handbags</a> Hou to the Liu Xiaodong home to paint film, the first complete, fully show the creation and art practice Liu Xiao Dong. The global context, that "it's only human" nostalgia and old theme, has been deeply moved by the human. </br><br>UCCA curator and curator Jerome Sanz from planning at the beginning, decided the development planning for the three part to present. <a href="">replica designer handbags</a> First of all, the audience saw is the hometown paper mill paper diary and some line drawing of Liu Xiaodong. Then, into the exhibition hall on the other part, <a href="">cheap jordan shoes</a> is a series of works that a trip home. Finally, Hsiao-Hsien Hou is filming a documentary shows, streaming video. "In the three exhibition hall, he had the Jincheng, partner, a mountain of water, every detail is spread. This is not based on memory, but a kind of insight and understanding." </br><br> works of this exhibition (photograph: </br><br> network)</br><br> "hometown boy" solemn nostalgia, embodied humanistic thoughts on </br><br> home "is our life took place. Let a person's life spirit and strength can condense, let all the pain to get comfort. Liu Xiaodong this exhibition, let us look 'hometown' change. In addition to the hometown, geographical, and our heart and spirit. After growth, we how to find it?" Jerome Sanz said. </br><br> "Liu Xiaodong returned to his hometown 'sketch', face this together with history, pain, nostalgia, family memory complex emotional place, ></br> tttttt

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