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<br>Louis Vuitton: through Paris and Shanghai </br><br>Louis Vuitton white arches as Crystal Palace </br><br> as the Shanghai <a href="">replica designer handbags</a> World Expo -- the chief sponsor of the French Pavilion, the France Pavilion appears to design LV style full of. T French brand Louis Vuitton Pavilion white arches Crystal Palace general, models showed a 2010-2011 new fashion, LV LOGO like the cherry onto the stage, although this is all glass plate front projection effect, but also really also imaginary scene all convey a strong gas LV. <a href="">cheap jordan shoes</a> </br><br>Louis Vuitton white arches as Crystal Palace </br><br> Pavilion entrance replicated the designer Hector Guimard in Art Nouveau style design of the Paris metro station entrance, according to Louis Vuitton of the latest fashion films create vivid visual effect. Through the entrance, a fantastic visual images through Paris and Shanghai, perception of the space is always in a constantly changing, let a person feel sometimes from Paris across the Senna River, and sometimes like to jump to the Notre Dame de Paris tower into the city at high altitude...... </br><br>A series of precious antique bags </br><br> in addition, commendable is a series of huge 3D scene precious antique bags with a combination of 19~20 century Louis Vuitton, review and the Expo love. Including the first time to participate in the gray waterproof Trianon canvas topped trunk Expo exhibition of conforming to the train travel trends of 1889; and Eiffel Tower is on display in the same session, has become the Damier canvas wardrobe trunk one of the brand symbol (Wardrobe Trunk); desk suitcases, 1925 show (Secretary Trunk) and filled with various crystal, silver, ivory and plating gold and silver accessories of the luxurious cortex toiletry bag etc.. </br><br>Chanel: classic interpretation of oriental legend </br><br>Chanel to legendary classics and Chinese impression for design inspiration, launched a series of </br><br> Expo</br><br>Chanel to legendary classics and Chinese impression for <a href="">replica designer handbags</a> design inspiration, launched the Expo related clothing and jewelry. The Chinese dragon red or green jade green embroidery and into the evening handbag, at night under the lights, the screen is special, very Oriental taste; daytime section with vermilion leather, covered with waterproof khaki fabric, the precious bag away from the rain and snow damage. </br><br> dressed in traditional costumes of China Doll </br><br> and dressed in traditional costumes of China doll, appeared in the evening bag, earrings, bracelet and necklace ></br> tttttt

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