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Need your help girls-Vacation Advice

Ok, so me and my fiance want to take our first vacation in or around June...we would like to go on a cruise & obviously get the best bargain deal but still have a wonderful time. We were thinking the Caribbean, just cause we want someplace that most likely the sun will be shining all the time- & it will be very warm.I  went to Bermuda once with my family and it rained & was cloudy all 3 days.

So here are my questions. 1st of all, do any of you guys use a travel agency & how does it really work. With all these websites today like Expedia & Orbitz where u can find a cheaper deal, book the flight & do everything yourself, what does a travel agency really do, & do you have to pay them for it or do they get a commision from the vacation places they reccommend?

2nd, have you guys been to the Carribbean & if so, which part...they offer South, North, East, & West & have no clue the difference.

Lastly, if any of you have been on cruise, what is a younger type of cruise line...I'm 26 and my fiance is 30...

We would really appreciate your help...but any feedback will do...THANKS!!!

Hugs and Kisses

Posted 10 years ago
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Re: Need your help girls-Vacation Advice

Hey there! I've been on a cruise with Royal Carribean International, omg...WHAT a nice trip. We went to most of the islands- always sunny. You pay for sunshine though ($$$$). I think my parents are going to book again. We went for New years, it was seriouslly the BEST new years. People on board though I found were really snotty becuase they're all loaded ($$). But man, the SERVICE. We had a head server, assistant waiter, and server for our main meals (at night) and they were sooo nice to us. I think we booked through a travel agent, but she took care of everything for us.
INCREDIBLE. Seriouslly recommended.

I love Royal Carribean. If you go, go with them. It might be more expensive, but it is DEF. worth it. We started in Miami, went to Peurto Rico, Nassau, Virgin Islands etc. Very nice trip.
If you need more info. you can PM me!
You get what you pay for!!

Posted 10 years ago

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