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I love all music (except for country and hard core rap). I love oldies, especially 50's and 60's music. My fav all time band is The Beatles. But, I mostly listen to oldies. Not too many new songs/bands catch my ear, but I love The Raconteurs, Jet, and bands like that.

Posted 11 years ago
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Re: Music??

My bf & all my friends say i'm a little black girl stuck in a white girls body.

my line up is r&b, rap, hiphop

thats pretty much it

i get into acoustic stuff sometimes..

but whats weird..i used to totally be into like smashing pumpkins..sonic youth...deftones....bob marley..things of htat sort.

Posted 11 years ago
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Re: Music??

i love everything!

i'm not that into country or hard core rap though.
i love 60's music, techno, pop, pop rock, rock, etc =]

Posted 11 years ago

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