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Advice on something damaged or broken!

I received a top from a swapper that was torn in many places it is super damaged. I messaged them letting them know i was not sending my 1/2 to them because the top was not as described they responded and said whatever i want to do and then nothing. The top really belongs in the garbage I can not believe someone would put something of the quality up here...

second is i swapped for perfume alot, and i have never came into this problem but was sent an email that they will pack it best as possible but if it gets broken i can not be responsible....Whose responsiblitie is that if it is broken? I would think the person who sent it if they didnt properly pack. If it were me them i would take responsibility.

I am just looking for advise because that is the first time someone has said that to me....

Posted 8 years ago
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Re: Advice on something damaged or broken!

Hello,  I think if the swapper sends you something that is NOT valuable or is stained, ripped, torn, fuzz balled, they NEED to suffer the loss of it and or the shipping of your items back.  I think that is ONLY fair as when you make the swap you believe they are sending you something of value.  I have thought about the other part where you send something that is breakable and what happens if it is broken/damaged.  I have sold on the internet for several years and when someone purchases something, I charge them for insurance if it is breakable or can be damaged easily.  I KNOW that I pack it as best as I can, but.....there is always the possibility that the post office or your shipper will have problems before it reaches its destination.  I think what I would do, is to wrap it as best as I could and then explain to the purchaser/swapper and allow them to decide whether to accept it as knowing I have done my best or with them providing the amount to insure it.  I think for a small fee of $1.70 the post office can insure the item.  I do not think it should be on me to insure it as we both are sending something and I have my postage and they have theirs.  Any extras ought to be the person receiving if they want.  I personally would prefer to pay the insurance on some things and would be ok on others. 
Thanks for asking this and I, also, would be interested in what others have to say.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Posted 8 years ago

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