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Having problems.. anyone who wants to swap with me read this


I wanted to post because I am having some severe issues with this website. For some reason, my IP address has been blocked from accessing the website. I'm assuming it is because the site owners blocked a a big chunk of IP addresses because this is happening to a lot of people. Anyways.. I have some people who made me an offer, and since I use a proxy to access the website, i can see the offer, but for some reason, the proxy will not let me view your swap list. A proxy is a weird thing. Its an easy way to change your IP address, but there are limitations.. and that is one of them.

So There are a few offers that were made that I would like to follow through with, but I Just can't.. SO please be patient. I emailed the website owners, but they dont seem to answer their emails.. or they arent getting them. I am a little pertebed that a mod hasnt posted on the board that there are issues, or that anyone made ANY type of announcement to the other users here.

If you already swapped with me and I picked your item and you picked mine you are all set. I luckily wrote down the addresses BEFORE all this started happening. So stuff will be sent out.. but if you are waiting to hear back from you, you might have to wait a little longer before this is fixed.

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: Having problems.. anyone who wants to swap with me read this

yes im surprised too that they havent done anything about it. Its been too long now. I am actually starting to wonder if they care.. I mean, people can stll get on swapstyle, just a bunch of us cannot.. I know many ppl have emailed them and wrote on the facebook wall (including myself) its just getting a bit rediculous. I use the proxy too but it really isnt the same. I have SO MUCH MORE to swap and I cannot even post them. Im eventually going to swap all the items i have currently listed here on the other swap sites i go to and i wont even be able to delete the dang things here. UGH.

Posted 9 years ago

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