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Do you mean Lalalove297?
Yes, I just had an issue with her as well.  I'm pretty sure I am who she is referring to in your message.  I agreed to swap her a pair of brand new, never before worn boots in exchange for a dress and some tights of hers.  I received the package, and the tights have HUGE rips down the legs (which obviously cannot be worn.  they need to be thrown out!) and the dress looks like a rabid dog got at it.  It has rips all down the side that cannot be mended.  I messaged her very calmly with the issue, telling her that I could not accept the clothes in that condition and asked her what she'd like to do to remedy the situation.  She took no responsibility for the problems, unloaded a ton of excuses and said the same thing that she was not receiving her other swaps.  After arguing with her, I finally agreed to ship her rags back and pay the shipping out of my own pocket because she was whining so much.  It's a very unfair situation all around.

Posted 9 years ago
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UGH this all sounds so crappy! If people would just post good quality pictures people would know what they were getting!!!!

Posted 9 years ago

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