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So I have never had a laundro account.
Probably a good thing.
Appears they have all these stupid rules about posting in one thread before posting in another. What the hell.
So far I have been given 2 warnings, and if I get a 3rd one my account will be deleted.OoooOOoooh scarey!
And I have only been a memeber for about a freakin week!
What the hell do they think we do? SIt on the computer all day and read damn rules waiting for one of their "Admin;s" to correct us? :bang_head:
I think not.
Its pretty much a waste of time. I only got on there because I have never had an account before, and seems like a lot of loops to jump thru just to be a freakin member. I'd rather keep the stuff I dont want than be a member of that stupid site.
:banana:  :dance:

-hating laundro

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: laundro

You did have an account, and it was banned...that's how you got your warnings. Where do you think we sent the warnings too?

ps you also had an account on laundro, before it went down, under this same name. the new forum is separate. just an fyi.

~one of the admins from there that you were ever so snarky and rude to.

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: laundro

shut up nurse betty. take your sorry ass back to crappy laundro.

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: laundro

What is laundro's new url & why did the site go down?

Posted 9 years ago

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