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What do you do to be eco friendly?

Thought it would be good to list what we are doing to be Eco friendly / green  :butterfly:

I'm swapping my clothes!

Ive started to really make an effort to use less water, this has been hard for me as I loooove my long showers, but Ive cut the time down by half.

Ive also made a effort anytime I see rubbish on the ground, i pick it and and put it in a bin, i know it sounds simple and basic, but I live near a river and I know all that rubbish will end up in the river ruining the eco system, and just making it look horrible sad

Ive also bought a water filter to attach on to my tap so i don't need to buy bottled water anymore, I just refill the same bottle over and over smile

What are you doing?

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: What do you do to be eco friendly?

Posted 4 years ago

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