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Milk-Free recipes anyone??

I recently discovered that i'm lactose intolerant, and additionnally to this i'm allergic to the protein that is in the milk. I don't know what to eat anymore, having the feeling that everything is made with dairy. I already drink soy milk/almond milk/rice milk, but im not sure if you can actually cook meals with that? Isn't too sweet?

Also, does anyone has an idea of recipes that don't need cow milk/or that the milk can be replaced by something else, which are delicious? I need ideas....

For the lactose intolerant, milk allergic out there, what do you do when you actually can't avoiding milk? (like in a restaurant for example) ... do you have any tricks? pills?

Thanks for your help!   :dancing_dog:

Posted 9 years ago
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Re: Milk-Free recipes anyone??

hello all,
Yes, you can use the soy or rice milk to cook with----just may be a bit more watery with the rice one.

I make my rice pudding with it all the time, and it works just fine. If you need to thicken it for some recipes, make a paste with some arrowroot starch or tapioca starch-----a gluten free fix to avoid the heavy wheat.

Posted 9 years ago

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