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freebies by oreo1
3 Im not sure how the baby system works in canada... Posted 9 years ago
0 [url= Posted 9 years ago
12 Congratulation dear! hope to see your picture s... Posted 9 years ago
SNOWED IN !! by samichamp
9 wow thats awesome you guys even GET snow! where... Posted 9 years ago
0 Ladies, I will be out of town on Wednesday and ... Posted 9 years ago
What is up with... by CAREBEAR1548
20 its driving me crazy now. im getting a bit anno... Posted 9 years ago
1 So, here is the email I send out to all my refe... Posted 9 years ago
new avatar by Nona
6 [quote=jo4481][img] Posted 9 years ago
6 so nona, how was ur trip?? :) Posted 9 years ago
4 i like the white zip up one. Posted 9 years ago
Happy Chinese New Year! by purplemoon
4 oh dear!! i missed those firecrackers and sweet... Posted 9 years ago
What's your weather like? by AmericanSweeti
19 Well it's been raining most of the day and now ... Posted 9 years ago
0 Looking for chanelchika. I really want to talk... Posted 9 years ago
3 bump Posted 9 years ago
Meaning of your user name?? by purplemoon [ 1 2 3 ]
53 mjmkpily lol you have a really long name i see ... Posted 9 years ago
Formerly Pit_Wife by Joy4Two
13 *hugs* Posted 9 years ago
3 I will swap for them! I am adding them to my wi... Posted 9 years ago
GOT ENGAGED by betti
20 its beautiful! Posted 9 years ago
i need a phone by santababy
5 btw i really wnat a juicy bag so if anyone is i... Posted 9 years ago
2 bump Posted 9 years ago
28 bump Posted 10 years ago
Newbie by camiejain
16 YES! Like a million! I will have to get them to... Posted 10 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving by brandyntex
4 me too i ate and ate and ate and ate Posted 10 years ago
Neewbie by flychickamber
7 they have flap pockets on the back they look li... Posted 10 years ago
questionnnn by catastrophecait
7 Try for books, CD's and DVD's Posted 10 years ago
0 Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer Posted 10 years ago
dress? by itsmollaaaayx
5 I am looking for a dress for prom..our theme is... Posted 10 years ago
I'm getting a puppy! by shhmandy
7 Yay! He's adorable. :) My Chi grew out of som... Posted 47 years ago
laundro by ms_shotgunopera
3 What is laundro's new url & why did the site go... Posted 47 years ago
. by ilovecats2009
0 . Posted 47 years ago

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