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1 Yeah, I already posted for her in another forum. Posted 8 years ago
1 Hey hun how are you? Just FYI i sell Tastefully... Posted 8 years ago
7 Been swaplifted three times here. Not happy abo... Posted 8 years ago
0 I haven't forgotten about ya! :) My health suc... Posted 8 years ago
Make me an offer! :) by love2beach
0 Hi all, There are some items I would like to p... Posted 8 years ago
Will SELL cheap!!! by TriumphGirl
0 I need to clear this stuff out and make some ex... Posted 8 years ago
Minchi? by lililongpre
1 She said its a problem with her sister and she ... Posted 8 years ago
0 Hi everybody!!!!!!!!!! :band: To celebrate In... Posted 8 years ago
how did youi hear2 by DanielleMarie
0 I heard about through an ad/link ... Posted 8 years ago
4 [quote=danianiela][quote=angela1989]There's so ... Posted 8 years ago
SWAPLIFTED :( by LizbethM
1 Kind of ironic..... But it looks like at least ... Posted 8 years ago
Magazine Subscriptions by Craftqueen707
4 interested in wired Posted 8 years ago
I'm back! by risalee
2 Welcome back also ;) Posted 8 years ago
11 You are definitely in my prayers! Posted 8 years ago
CONVENIENCE MATTERS!!!! by ladolcevita
0 [b][color=#FF0000]GREETINGS FELLOW FASHIONISTAS... Posted 8 years ago
New Items by Craftqueen707
0 Hey everyone, I haven't added anything in a lon... Posted 8 years ago
Argh! I'm back! by becq79
2 Welcome back. Posted 8 years ago
Hi Ladies, I'm back! by angela1989
2 Welcome back babes :infinity: Posted 9 years ago
I'm Back after a Long Break! by ratrodgirl4life
6 Welcome back. Wish you the best with your pregn... Posted 9 years ago
****** by wild_chick1992
13 Good, we are all waiting to hear and i hope you... Posted 9 years ago
3 Juicy Couture handbag/purse. :) Expecting Juic... Posted 9 years ago
3 I would simply state that you agreed to swap ba... Posted 9 years ago
4 maybe you could tell her that she has one week ... Posted 9 years ago
1 Wow that so good to hear! Welcome back!! :dan... Posted 9 years ago
1 I messaged you about some opi polishes :banana: Posted 9 years ago
west coast girls... by liv4livie
5 I'm on the west coast, in WA. I'd love to make ... Posted 9 years ago
5 BUMP! :nod: Posted 9 years ago
slow swapping? by Nona
5 They've added lots of things and made things be... Posted 9 years ago
hi newbie here by tiffiny
8 Ditto =] Posted 9 years ago
swapstyle by hippygirl
11 I def wish there was a way to kick spammers and... Posted 9 years ago

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